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Madrid is a city alive 24 hours a day.

You can enjoy endless activities of all kinds: parties, concerts, excursions, cultural visits, museums, sports… everything you can imagine and much more.

What’s going on in Madrid?

Social Calendar

Madrid is a city alive 24 hours a day. Enjoy madrid in Spain

This Group has been setup to organise all types of meetups & events to bring people together and connect with each other through activities such as…

If you wanna have fun and meet people in Madrid, hang out with new interesting people from all over the world, you’ve come to the right place 😊…

Madrid is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. It’s got some of the elegant characteristics of Paris, the eclecticism and colors…

Madrid is a vibrant city that boasts tons of fun things to do day and night. Check out our video collection below to get a taste of that we, and…

This group is to meet international people, make new friends and party. The events offered in this group are for FREE. The users dont have to pay…

Spain is a country with rich art and culture. Madrid is the centre-most city of this beautiful country and being the countries capital, a lot of history…

The organisers

Meet up

Meetup, the tool to know your social environment

Since we recently moved to a new environment, I immediately started looking for options to meet people with our likes and interests, because when you are of an age and have hobbies like ours (mountains, series, movies…) it is not easy find people like you or make your way into established social groups.

Of course, the web was not going to be excluded from our search tools. And that’s how I got in touch with the Meetup platform. Don’t you know her yet? Well, it can give you many ideas and a large network of contacts for personal and professional matters.

What is Meetup?

It is a platform in which users create groups based on an interest, such as wordpress, the mountain, social networks or magic cards. Everything that occurs to you. People join these groups to, mainly, make physical or virtual meetings.

The “hangout” aspect is one of the most interesting of Meetup, since most of these groups do not go much further than being simple “forums” and give you the real possibility of meeting people.

City Life

What is Citylife Madrid

Citylife Madrid is a platform developed by people from all over the planet for those who feel like citizens of the world.

Its goal is the ideal of uniting the city’s multiculturalism to facilitate a united community for young people, and not so young, of any origin and place.

Our main objective at Citylife Madrid is to integrate you into Spanish life and its way of living, but with special emphasis on Madrid and its neighbourhoods.

What we offer?

It doesn’t matter what you are looking for: flats, apartments, rooms, cultural activities, meeting new people with whom to share unforgettable moments, or simply browsing Madrid life!
Let Citylife Madrid help you on your adventure through this great capital city of Spain.

Discover us and squeeze all our possibilities!

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